märklig mat



FOTO: Svenssons i Lammhult

This small vase is developed and inspired by tradition, resplendence and minimalism. The value of the vase was also of importance, therefore the weight and low main point but up straight walls gives it posture.
It is also inspired by the woods in Småland, Sweden, and the organisms that thrives there. Mushrooms and moss. Drummel means swab and recemblance the goofyness of its identity.



Blinka is a series of lanterns and vases inspired by the concept of our different family constellations. Where the importance of weigth and light, dominant, subdominant and subordinate were a few restrictions for me to work with.

A various series of volymes, shapes and transitions were the foundation of the design work. I also worked through a series of light experiments where I investigated optic effects.



Grön is a small greenhouse where the vision was that the user would be encouraged to grow things in her kitchen. You can re-plant stumps of vegetables in soil or give it time in water to grow roots first.

My intention was to combine minimalistic and clean shapes, transitions and radiuses to make the content matter within. The reflections from the large plain surfaces of the glass, makes it draw attention even though it is small and simple.

sand / glass

A design project where I investigated sand, in combination with glass. I explored regular beach sand from the west coast of Sweden, in different ways with glass blowing, fusing, capturing, melting etc.

These vases are a few of the important insights of my investigation. Here I captured sea sand between layers of glass. The sand is apparent when looking close but disappears in the distance.

seaweed / glass

An experimental project, where I used materials from the ocean to make texture in different glass surfaces. The seaweed were an amazing collegue. The fumes and organic shape of the seaweed made real expression in the glass which gave a powerful and original identity.

The objects – now both bowls, glasses, vases and new ideas for further work with texture, lighting and emotions in glass.